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  • To provide each and every student a venue for learning, through presentation of lessons, the different subject areas necessary to equip the child and prepare him for higher learning;

  • To develop in each and every student the proper moral, spiritual, and psychological awareness that will make him a better member of the community, a good citizen of any country, and an integral part of humanity;

  • To challenge and stimulate each and every student to perform the task at hand, to do better each time, until excellence is finally achieved;

  • To inculcate in each and every student the noble Filipino values of respect for elders, obedience to parents, courtesy to others, and utmost regard for every living thing;

  • To train each and every student to strive to become individuals with their own identity but with the purpose in mind to serve, in his special way, his creator and his fellowmen.



Montessori De Manila was founded on the basis of one guiding but shining principle: to direct each child properly, in all aspects, so that he will ultimately become a person of the universe. Montessori De Manila believes that a child’s understanding of his being and all that is around him – the past, the present, and what will become of the future, will make him all the more cognizant of his existence and of all beings, that he will strive to achieve the greatest of ideals and the noblest of intentions for all.

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