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Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and gifts we received this Christmas season!
We wish everyone a health-filled and bountiful 2018!
Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year in the Eyes of the Child
by Teacher Mylene Talabis
Casa Class Directress

Christmas is the most exciting month of the year, especially for the Casa Department children. Classrooms and Christmas trees at the hallways were decorated by children’s artworks – from garlands, to Christmas balls, angels with their faces, stars, and many more. Casa pupils celebrated this season through a gift exchange activity, food sharing, and the much-awaited Christmas Carnival. At the Christmas Carnival, our cute carolers enjoyed games such as Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Knock Down Cans, Ring Toss, Blow the Christmas Bauble, and the last but not the least… picking their special toy from the Christmas stocking. This season will not be complete without reminding the children about the reason for this season, which is the birth of Jesus Christ, through a special story told by Teacher Monette Edralin. Children also had the chance to donate their gently-used clothing and toys for indigent recipients via The Philippine Red Cross - Las Piñas Chapter. This yearly donation activity makes our pupils aware of one’s social responsibility even at an early age, to share their blessings to less fortunate persons. It was wonderful to see the delight in the children’s eyes as they received their prizes and gifts, but what was more amazing was the sparkle in their eyes when it was time for them to give their gifts to their friends and teachers, especially when they handed in their big bags and boxes of donations. Truly, Christmas is a season of hope, love, and sharing.   

Montessori De Manila’s Outreach Program: Little Brothers and Sisters
by Noelle Simounne H. Santos (Grade 10 - Escoda) and  
Anna Katrina R. Villaruz (Grade 10 - Diokno)

    Outreach programs give the students the opportunity to get involved in community service, with activities that both the students and beneficiaries can enjoy. Not only do these add to the students’ helpfulness to serve and volunteer but it also gives the students that eye-opening experience of the conditions of the world today. 
    Last December 15, 2017, Montessori De Manila held its annual community outreach program, led by both the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines (ACP), and Elementary and Secondary Student Councils (ESC, JHS, and SHS SC).
    To kick–start  the program, the officials and children from Couples for Christ led us in a beautiful and engaging prayer. We then held a variety of games for them to show their competitive side and win prizes while enjoying themselves. Then came invigorating song and dance performances such as Jingle Bell Rock and Huling El Bimbo sung by the High School Band, Maningning ang Pilipino, sung by the Grade 10 students, and dance performances from selected students from Grade 10 and ESC Council. Not to be outdone, the beneficiaries responded with their own dance performance. After having enjoyed the meal, we then had personal time with our assigned child/ren to show them an activity of our choice. All students had time to interact with their little brothers/sisters on a personal level. Goody bags were given to all the children to make their Christmas a little more special. All the prizes, meals, and goody bags were funded by our generous student body’s Piso Mula sa Puso donations. 
    Giving wholeheartedly always makes one feel joyful. The celebration lasted for half a day but it was meaningful since the students shared a simple gift-giving day for the young children. Sharing and giving back is truly good for one’s soul.

Grade School Sports Festival
by T. Melo Mendoza

Studies show that learning a sport builds resilience, patience, and perseverance. All these traits were exhibited by our 6 to 12-year-olds on January 5, 2018 as they participated in the annual Grade School Sports Festival.   Congratulations to all for such great sportsmanship!

Secondary level Sports Festival
by T. Mikko Somoza

This year, both Junior High School and Senior High School Departments were divided into four different teams namely: Vicious Vipers, Gr8 9ghts, Tropicana Twisters, and Cadbury Royals. Of course, aside from the games, the Cheer Dance was highly anticipated. Below is the list

Congratulations to
Alisa Bondoc
6th Place Level I – Artistic Gymnastics
2nd Sonny TY International Gymnastic Cup
October 15, 2017
Muntinlupa Sports Complex
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